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In this DVD presentation, world-class custom painter Alan Pastrana demonstrates how plotters can increase your productivity by as much as 70% or better! Unlocking the "mystery" of how plotters work, Pastrana shares his secrets for eliminating hours of tedious cutting with a knife and exponentially reducing time painting. Learn how to produce the most intricate adhesive-backed and plastic-based stencils on demand—and to your desired size and scale—through the step-by-step of the vectorization and output of a 45-caliber pistol. Today’s artist can’t afford not to use a plotter. How to Use Plotters & Vectorize Images is perfect for all airbrush applications, including automotive, T-shirt airbrushing, hobby, fine art, body painting, and many more.

You'll learn:

• How to acquire photo references
• How to turn down the transparency of an image
• How to trace your photo digitally
• How to lock your design
• Keyboard shortcuts
• How to use fill boxes
• How to use the stroke box
• How to use the pen tool
• How to work with fonts
• The tool palette
• Vector points or nodes
• How to control line thickness in your vector design
• How to zoom in and out
• How to undo steps
• How to use the Path Finder tool
• How to merge patterns
• How to use Smart Guides
• How to prepare a vectored image for plotting
• How to rotate an image
• How to create fonts
• How to setup and output multiple jobs
• How to work with type
• The Roland GX-24 plotter
• How to load the plotter with material
• How to adjust the pinch rollers of a plotter
• The GX-24’s menu commands
• How to adjust the down-force of the blade
• How to adjust the blade speed
• How to adjust the offset of the blade
• How to set the origin of the blade
• How to run a test cut
• How to set up for cutting multiple files/images
• How to weed your vinyl


Alan Pastrana has been airbrushing for over fifteen years, and is lead artist and owner of Pastrana Unlimited Airbrush Studios. He has a highly successful instructional DVD, Hip Hop Art with Alan Pastrana, and he’s currently head instructor of the Dynamic Kustom Painting class for the world-renowned Airbrush Getaway workshop program.

Adobe Illustrator® and Ultra Flex® are the programs used in this presentation.

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Price: $4.95
30-Day Access Pass