Power Portraits by Javier Soto

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Power Portraits, the long-awaited 2-Disc DVD from master portrait painter Javier Soto, includes step-by-step instruction on color theory, how to render facial features, flesh tones, troubleshooting problems such as paint settling, hot spots, blowouts, tip dry, pigment migration, puddling, and spidering, how to use an electric eraser, fiber pen, and razor knife for highlighting and detailing, how to render skin pores, the nuances of painting teeth and hair, working with cool and warm colors, how to evaluate the progress of your painting, use of the Artograph LED digital projector, use of Wicked Colors, and much more.

• How to reduce paint
• Use of complimentary colors
• How to test colors
• How to build tones
• How to master facial features
• Flesh tones
• How to achieve natural looking texture
• How to avoid blue shift and even use it to your advantage
• How to modulate color intensity
• How to establish middle tones
• Working with cool and warm colors
• The importance of testing color
• Use of freehand shields
• Freehand airbrushing
• Use of dagger strokes
• How to render shadows
• Tinting
• How to airbrush amazing eyes
• How to correct for excessive contrast

And more!

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Price: $5.99
30-Day Access Pass