Fierce Fur


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Fierce Fur with Gary Worthington

Learn how to paint remarkable T-Shirts.

You'll learn:
• How to bleach a black T-shirt
• How to heat-set a shirt
• Use of Wicked colors, including transparent base
• How to sketch onto fabric
• Working with photo references
• How to achieve realism
• How to modify your airbrush
• Airbrush techniques
• The importance and use of the dagger stroke
• How to render fur
• How to mix colors
• How to hold the airbrush for steadiness
• Varying the strokes for a random Look
• How to add dimension to an image
• The importance of painting what you see
• How to render highlights
• How to tint highlights
• Discussion of light sources
• How to troubleshoot overspray
• Color, value, and saturation

And more!

Gary Worthington has been airbrushing professionally since 1989. Although self-taught, he has had the priviledge of working alongside some of the most acomplished artists in the business including Don Ashwood, Terry Hill, Eddie Davis, Carl Ledig, and Michael Tetzlaff. Gary currently lives in Destin, Florida with his wife Cristie and son Tristan, where he works at Airbrush Headquarters. Mr. Worthington has been a long-time contributing editor for Airbrush Action and is an instructor at the Airbrush Getaway program teaching the T-Shirt and Airbrush Mastery classes.

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Price: $4.95
30-Day Access Pass