Tribal & Metal Airbrushing F/X


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Tribal & Metal F/X with Terry “Kiwi” Stephens

Kustom automotive paint master Terry “Kiwi” Stephens conducts a comprehensive how-to clinic on rendering tribal, metal, and various textural effects on five projects using Auto-Air colors. This presentation is geared toward beginning to advanced artists seeking to add more dimension, depth, and believability in their artwork.

You’ll learn:

- How light and shadow work
- How to work with fine-line tape
- How to reduce paint
- How to work with Auto-Air paint
- How to work with transfer tape
- How to transfer a design
- Masking techniques
- 3D effects
- How to remove masking
- How to render beaten steel, chrome, and rivets
- How to use Pocket Grafx
- Sophisticated masking techniques
- How to achieve embossing and engraving effects
- Use of various erasers
- Advanced erasing techniques
- How to render an engraved effect
- How to achieve a metallic effect
- Creating highlights on metal with a razor knife
- The “Poor Man’s” plotter method
- Drop Shadows

Run time: 120 minutes

About the Artist

Terry ‘Kiwi’ Stephens started airbrushing at the age of 16 as a hobby, painted professionally in his native New Zealand for a couple of years, and came to the U.S. in 1999 (“the hub of airbrushing and all things custom”) to work for Huntington Beach Bodyworks. Stephens is also a hired gun helping other shops and artists with their projects. Most recently, Terry is working on a series of paintings for future availability in print, and enjoys teaching as a new instructor for the esteemed Airbrush Getaway workshops.

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Price: $6.95
30-Day Access Pass