Creating Arctic Kiss - Photoshop


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Creating Arctic Kiss

In this information-rich presentation, world-class artist Jerry LoFaro renders a professional illustration in Adobe® Photoshop® from start to finish sharing some of his top pro tricks along the way. According to LoFaro, “Photoshop® is such an intuitive program, it effectively mimics the way I used to work as an airbrush and acrylic painter. It also enables me to eliminate many tedious steps in the creation of an illustration.”

In this DVD, you’ll learn
Working with internet photo references
Mouse versus Wacom tablet pen
Quick Command keys
Transform tool, including Distort & Warp
How to resize an image
How to work with layers
How to make color adjustments
The Lasso tool
Use of the “F” button
How to combine layers
How to render fur texture digitally
How to make your own custom brush
Use of a variety of digital brushes
Feather selection
How to use the Color Dropper
How to use the Color Picker
Use of the History box
Smudge, Blur, & Sharpen tool

Burn, Dodge, & De-saturate tools
How to duplicate layers
How to inverse a selection
How to render shadows & highlights
How to use the Erase tool
How to adjust opacity
Use of shape brush dynamics
How to merge layers
How to scale an image in proportion
How to use the Gradient tool
Brightness/Contrast function
Hue/Saturation adjusting
How to build a reference library
Use of the Marquee tool
How to achieve color balance
Median filter for blending/smoothing
Gaussian and Motion Blur filters
How to use the Crop tool
How to create an aurora effect
How to use the Clone tool

How to use the Liquify filter
And more!

Jerry LoFaro is an award-winning illustrator whose client list includes: Random House, Harcourt, Ballentine, Avon, Bantam, Time Life, and Viking Penguin, Celestial Seasonings, Coca-Cola, Barcardi, Aflac, Levi’s, Disney, Claritin, National Geographic, Nike, Panasonic, Kellogg’s, IBM, and many more.

Visit, where you can purchase high quality prints, products, and view many exciting pieces of art created during his long career.

Run Time: 2 hours 15 minutes

Skill Level: Intermediate to professional

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Price: $4.95
30-Day Access Pass