Medical Expenses


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"Lorenzo Sperlonga, one of the world's hottest pin-up artists, shows in painstaking detail how to render Medical Expenses, a sexy and complex pin-up portrait that includes a variety of textures, professional and groundbreaking paintbrush and airbrush techniques, and an overall approach to painting that will alter the way you work. This is a must for beginning to advanced artists.In this DVD, you'll learn:• How to create custom stencils• How to work with negative and positive stencil parts• How to mix colors, including flesh tones• How to fill a background• How to prevent and correct under-spray• Use of masking fluid• Paintbrush and airbrush techniques• How to work with transparent colors• How to properly thin acrylics• How to create dimension in your artwork• How to thicken paint• How to work with acrylic gesso• How to consider your light source• How to remove your mask• How to remove liquid mask residue• How to establish your dark and light areas• Use of loose masks• How to work with photo reference• How to establish highlights and shadows• How to render a portrait• How to render highlights with pencil and electric erasers• How to create a natural look to your paintings• How to correct mistakes• How to remove color if necessary• How to blend colors• How to achieve a variety of textures, including fabric, metal, silk stockings, plastic, & more• How to use double stencils• How to achieve straight lines with a paintbrushAnd more!"

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Price: $5.95
30-Day Access Pass